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View Diary: Court Rules Against Coleman-Franken Has Lead-Lawsuit Coming (24 comments)

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    Norm Coleman will have a very hard time ever running for office if he contests the Senate electin and loses.  Because the race is so incredibly close, the temptation is there to challenge, but his chances of gaining even a few votes are very limited.

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      I can give one clear example. In 1994, with the Republican Revolution sweeping GOP candidates to victory, it looked like Ellen Sauerbrey (R) was going to be elected Governor of Maryland. She was in a neck and neck race with Parris Glendening (D), who wasn't the most liked Democrat. A few pre-election polls even had Sauerbrey ahead. It looked like Sauerbrey was going to be the first Republican Governor of Maryland since Spirow T. Agnew.

      On election night, with Republicans winning any and every race nationwide, Sauerbrey led in early returns. She led the entire evening. When late returns from Baltimore City pushed Glendening ahead by around 6,000 votes, she screamed "stolen election". In the weeks that followed she filed lawsuit after lawsuit. She claimed that "dead people voted". She earned the nickname "Ellen Sourgrapes". Only when it was clear that Glendening was going to be inaugrated and the courts had ruled against her did she finally relent.

      So 1998 came and Glendening had to face the voters again. His first four years were very lackluster and the MD electorate wasn't really that enthused with him. He was the least popular Governor in the country. While 1998 wasn't that much of a Republican year, in Maryland, the voters weren't that happy with Glendening. Sauerbrey chose to run again. Unfortunately, while the voters disliked Glendening, they hated Sauerbrey even more. Glendening ended up winning 55-45%. And that was the end of Sauerbrey from the MD political scene.

      If history is any indication, should Norm protest and hang around if the MN Board of Elections certifies Franken as the winner, he will probably not win again. The voters don't like sore losers.

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