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    •  Substitute the word bigoted for racist (6+ / 0-)

      and all of your arguments and thoughts would equally apply to the gay marrage debate.

      I know dozens of liberal/progressive people (white and black) that consider themselves fair and think that they see all people as equals.  They would be offended if you called them racist or bigots.  These people are quick to say that they are for civil unions but not gay marrage.

      I wonder the same things as you sometimes.  As a weathly, white, straight man do I have hidden feelings of racism, sexism, bigotry of other types that I do not even recognize in myself?

      I think the key to knowing if you are a bigot or not is being self aware enough to ask yourself that question.  Since you have seen in yourself your own flaw, I think that in the future you will make and effort both conciously and subconciously to correct that flaw.  In the future, the color of the victim and the agressors may not matter to you at all, just your willingness to act to help.

      We should all work our whole life to become better people.  It seems to me you have taken a huge step in that direction.

      Obama - "Separate but Equal" is good enough for gays, but not for blacks.

      by Ken in Tex on Sat Dec 27, 2008 at 08:01:41 AM PST

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    •  I don't think any humans are free of the (3+ / 0-)
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      kaliope, JFinNe, The Black Critic

      taint of "preference." If preference is the main motivator for one's acts or omissions or failures to act, one is responding in a racist manner, or a sexist manner or a bigoted manner, whether the act or non-act is good or bad.

      But we are all more than the sum of our prejudices. You clearly are. So are your friends, or you wouldn't have been able to diffuse the violence implicit in the situation. If you all three weren't more than your prejudices you wouldn't have been able to discuss it afterward in the way you all did. You would have never written this diary.

      I would be very proud to call you a friend, because your deeds tell me all I need to know about your character. The personal growth you've chronicled here, coupled with your determination to grow farther, relentlessly examine your own progress and direction, and present your actions for the comments of your peers all mean that your friends are very lucky to be able to call you that.

      You accomplished a great thing on that train. You throttled your own instincts to react violently (reasons why you didn't want to rumble are less important than controlling the instinct to do so). You dealt justly with an ugly situation (the fact that your sense of honor would have bugged you if you hadn't intervened is less important than the act). Most importantly, afterwards (as well as here) you have examined your motives to see if they match the beauty and purity of yur collective deed.

      A saint couldn't have done more or do more with this than you've done. I'm proud to be able to post in your diary, brother. All humans have some prejudices. It is what we do about them that counts.

      "Dialogue is good, sometimes even productive, but if you do not believe in equality, then you are not of this tribe." -swampus

      by davidincleveland on Sat Dec 27, 2008 at 10:52:00 AM PST

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