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  •  Good point, with caveat (2+ / 0-)
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    davidincleveland, NCrissieB

    All these prejudices and group identities, of whatever kind, do interact, in whatever society, and what you call "a kinship solidarity among non-whites" (at least here in the US) is probably one of the weirdest things about the US, and testimony to the power of white racism here.

    Again, my use of the term "racism" was not meant as an epithet, but as a descriptive. I think that if you say that the author's remarks were not racist then you sound like the people he was talking about in his point that

    Based on the logic they wanted to hustle me with, the tobacco chewing White hillbilly who practically lives on his tractor isn't really a racist when he calls Black folks porch monkeys and view us as inferior creatures who belong back in a jungle in Africa somewhere because, well, he has no real power.

    But there's a real danger of getting bogged down in semantics here.

    •  Actually I offered a definition below. (1+ / 0-)
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      To me, a "racist" is someone for whom race trumps all other kinship bonds, to the extent that there must be multiple and very powerful other bonds to offset the racial difference and make us see that other human being as one of "our own."

      If the woman being picked on were white, and the diarist were a "racist," then she'd have to be not only a distant cousin, but also wearing an Obama shirt and his kid brother's second-grade teacher and his kid brother thinks she walks on water and....

      The more and more powerful the other bonds must be to offset her different race, the more one is "racist."

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