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    One point you didn't mention, and I don't know whether it's really significant or not - as far as I know, the campaign made no effort, in fact actively discouraged, door-to-door operations in more conservative territory.  Maybe this was done for "safety" reasons, maybe as part of the "keep the gay people hidden" strategy we saw in the commercials, but either way it seems to me that it was another missed opportunity to help sway people.

    Also, I work in radio, and therefore know about the strategy that the No-on-8 ad agency was using for that medium.  Their dollars were targeted entirely on preaching to the choir.  Yes, GOTV, I'm not saying there was no value to the strategy - but they should damn well have allocated some of their money to getting on the stations and dayparts that were in actuality left entirely to the Yes-on-8's horrible ads.

    To give you an example, I was extremely upset when the order came over for a key station with the daypart given as 9a-4p.  The station's highest listenership is 6a-9a and 4p-6p, and Yes on 8 was airing heavily during those hours.  I immediately asked the salesperson for the station what this was about.  He said 9a-4p was the period during which college students listened most.  I pointed out that college students were already heavily in favor of Prop 8 and it was the people listening from 6a-9a and 4p-6p who needed to be swayed.  At that point he told me that the college-student argument was the only way he'd been able to sell the station at all to the ad agency, because the station overall skews an older demo, and in terms of GOTV an educated college student was likelier to go vote than a "gangbanger" listening to an urban station.  He (who is white, as am I) hastened to add that he hadn't said that part like that to the ad agency.  At which point my head blew up.

    So my point is really the same in both instances - no outreach was done to people who weren't already in favor of or leaning towards Prop 8.  And I'm not downplaying the importance of GOTV...but when the numbers were as close as they were, the campaign's got to do some outreach to others.  I've read that the protests after Prop 8 was passed - in which gay people were prominently Out There for all to see and hear - swayed 5% of those who voted in favor.  There's the winning margin right there.

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