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    Remember the magical Law of Infinite Data. There's always more to learn. :)

    Won't it be nice to have a SMART President?

    by ibonewits on Mon Dec 29, 2008 at 09:23:24 AM PST

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      Remember, we voted for Bill Clinton; he was smart. We voted for Al Gore; he was smart. Remember everybody yelled at the media for pestering Dubya because he didn't know the answers, which I thought was the point and the problem. Obama is smart; however, I am not sure Gay Marriage is a big issue to him. I think it's a Civil Rights issue. Unfortunately, because I do not live in California, when I wrote to and signed ERC & ERW petitions for GLBT marriage and rights, I often received email messages saying they could not respond to any but their own constituents. I think that this has a negative impact on the pro-GLBT rights issues across the country. I am embarrassed to say that Tennessee, where I live passed a Gay Marriage ban in 2006, so have about 30 or so states. This trend must be reversed not as a matter of just GLBT rights but as a matter of Civil and Human Rights in all nations that want to call themselves civilized.

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