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View Diary: Can we afford to reduce CO2 emissions? UPDATED and w/Poll (50 comments)

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  •  Just watched a two-parter called Crude (2+ / 0-)
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    NoMoreLies, BruceMcF

    on a Dishnetwork channel, but I can't remember if it was TNT or something else.

    I never knew, before, that the last few anoxic ocean events occured due to rapidly rising CO2 in the atmosphere.

    The petroleum that we pump out of the ground today, is a direct result of a past anoxic ocean event, when the oceans turned sulferous, poisoning the life in the seas, and through acid rain, the land.

    The last event occured at CO2 levels almost four times those of the 1970s.  However, currently, we are seeing rising CO2 levels at unprecedented speeds never seen before on Earth.  Never.

    The correct question is "can we afford not to reduce CO2 emissions"?

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