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View Diary: What Caroline Kennedy Brings to the Table (245 comments)

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    He has governed as a Democrat.

    I don't think all those folks who were arrested for peacefully protesting the Pub convention in 2004 would agree with you.  He has also greatly funded Pubs in NYC and NY state.  

    he did so in order to win the ticket.

    No shit.  He knew there was zero chance of him winning the Dem nomination so he bought the Pub line.  

    he was just pragmatic and determined to win the office.

    How Republican of him.  If you can't win something honestly--buy it.

    He has governed as a Democrat.

    Nope.  He has been a bit pragmatic but definitely a Pub.  He took advantage of term limits which forced Rudy911 out in 2001 then changed the rule when it would have forced him out.  You're gonna be hearing a lot about that next year.

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