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View Diary: URGENT: Kos Rsrch Dept. FL Kossacks: FL Needs your help! (Update) (77 comments)

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  •  Some contact info (none)
    Florida Radio Stations. For example:

    West Palm Beach
    (561) 882-3393

    Or search here by city or zip code:
    Radio Locater. (577 stations listed for Florida.)

    Another link for media contact info:  Florida Media - Absolutely Florida!

    Some West Palm Beach TV stations:

    WPTV Channel 5 - (local NBC affiliate)
    WPEC Channel 12 - (local CBS affiliate)
    WPBF Channel 25 - (local ABC affiliate)
    WFLX Channel 29 - (local FOX affiliate)
    WTVX Channel 34 - (local UPN affiliate)
    WBZL Channel 39 - (local Warner Brothers affiliate)
    WXEL TV Channel 42 - (local PBS station; also website for radio station 90.7 FM)
    WPXP Channel 67 - (PAX TV Network based in West Palm Beach)

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