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View Diary: URGENT: Kos Rsrch Dept. FL Kossacks: FL Needs your help! (Update) (77 comments)

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  •  It's happening in Wisconsin TOO!!!! (none)
    There was a report on the news tonight about people receiving calls about precinct changes in Wisconsin.  The reporter told viewers to check with their original precinct first.  We need to stay on the phones, email, and make sure this doesn't work nationwide.  Since it made the news, someone must have reported it.  We need to get it on the news tomorrow too.    
    •  Take Action (none)
      I called the major media outlets in the area and some said they have already received complaints.  They said they will stay on top of this fraud.  The gop will try to steal this election but we must make sure we don't let it happen!!!!! Keep calling and make sure all media knows what is happening.  If we all make a couple of calls, it will make a lot of difference.  

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