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View Diary: Senator Klobuchar's Earmark for Halloween-Hating Teen Challenge (48 comments)

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      All her contact addresses and phone numbers are on her Senate web page, and there's always the email page.

      I'm not shy about contacting my state's politicians, nor about telling them when they're dead wrong.

      I'd like to praise Amy more often since I voted for her, but so far she's been voting with the Repukes too many times to get much praise.  Worse, she uses stock phrases like 'global war on terrorism' straight out of the Repuke speech-writer's manual, and I don't think she's ever stopped to think about the war or why she votes to keep funding it, and not funding the trip home for our military, nor the fact that it's Congress who is supposed to have control of the military.  Et cetera and so on and so forth.

      The same criticism could be applied to most Dems in Congress who keep parroting the reichwing talking points by rote that they've heard from White House speeches and Lamestream Media without stopping to think about what they're saying or what they're voting on.

      It's very annoying.


      by NonnyO on Mon Dec 29, 2008 at 01:04:47 PM PST

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