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View Diary: Senator Klobuchar's Earmark for Halloween-Hating Teen Challenge (48 comments)

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    The wave of Satanic Panic faded away from the media, but it is still alive and kicking in some corners. I remember when the media was giving these sorts of stories serious attention. Partly because the sensationalism keeps people glued to their seats, and partly because the religious right pushed the stories. They began to fade when people saw how ridiculous the stories were. If even one percent of the stories had been true, there would have been a Mount Everest of bodies that no one could ignore.

    But like most conspiracy theories, the theory becomes more elaborate and intricate the more its flaws are discovered. No evidence of this massive Satanist cult? Then the police are part of it, covering it up.

    There's a long history of people making up such insane stories. Some justify it, thinking the lie is for a "good cause". Some are genuinely delusional, and begin to believe they had done all of these things. These sorts of groups breed this, if you can come up with a better story of how evil you were before getting born again, people in the group will pay you a lot of attention.

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