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View Diary: The curious case of Whole Foods and the FTC. (23 comments)

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    However, I think this is a matter of incompetence or boredom on their part more than anything. They thought they could take on Whole Foods with their limited resources.

    They ignored or don't understand that Whole Foods and Wild Oats catered to a small niche within the grocery market. It was likely that the niche could not sustain both and as such one was going to lose. To take this legal action is to suggest that any business in a small niche is a monopoly regardless of said business' action. It makes no sense. Further, they want to have their cake and eat it too by saying there is a monopoly without defining the market. Clearly by all law if there are viable alternatives then there is no monopoly. This would broaden the FTC's power and that might be a movtivation thinking they can broaden their overall power on a small scale case against an economically weaker foe.

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