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    Rather I simply don't accept any of your premises about the situation and I think you fundamentally misunderstand mine.

    I fully expect that Rick Warren will give the invocation at the inaugural no matter what anyone says. I have said nothing about that in this diary so you are knocking down a strawman.

    I believe that Obama et al are making a serious error in their alliance with Rick Warren. The justifications given do not hold water and this diary is about challenging several aspects of this. You say that you are concerned about such things as the economy and health care. Consider that Obama has for years been cultivating this powerful, Austrian school-informed builder of an international religious empire; who has big sway with governments in Africa and Asia. Some of those same governements are into the brutal represssion and perseuction of gay people. What kind of programs do you suppose Rick Warren, who some people say is "great" on combatting HIV/AIDS, can help develop when he is all about driving gay people underground in Africa? Economics? Health care? Civil Rights?

    Yes. Rick Warren is a powerful man who has the ear of the president elect. This is about much more than the invocation.

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