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    Terry, for a minority or any group of people to act on the simple political reality that real political change requires some measure of organization and action, especially in a democracy, is not for that minority or group to be itching for a fight. You seem to fail to understand that for progressivism to work as a political movement, there must be included a critical number of progressives who feel that there is an obligation to not simply sit in the back of the bus and be quiet, who don't--as it were--just leave it all up to the lawyers (God help us!), but who metaphorically march with them arm-in-arm. This willingness of yours to cast public organization and action aside is at best a limit of imagination, at worst acquiescence to those opposing the millions of women, gays, and defenders of science education who worked hard to see Obama elected on a promise of and hope for "change we can believe in."

    Rick Warren represents rank bigotry against gays and women. He's supported video games in which non-Christians are hunted down and killed; he's supported the most extreme of radical homophobic and theocratic Christianist leaders, including in Africa, and he is no moderate. I am grateful that people like Frederick Clarkson are willing to spend time and energy on making that as clear as possible to a President-elect whose progressive record, frankly, is thin (perhaps mostly and simply by virtue of his relative youth). Presidents-elect, lawyers, and politicians do not just magically do the right thing. The actions that you point to are vital components, but they do not spontaneously arise. They often need to draw from and often require as a prerequisite a moral force from outside of the halls of power and offices of bureaucrats.

    Actions you readily dismiss as being a desire for a fight or doomed-to-fail are demonstration by parts of a progressive coalition to keep Obama and others aware of vital needs. It is a self-weakened type of political action that you're calling for by focusing on the likes of an amicus brief yet dismissing outcry and organized opposition.

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