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View Diary: Israel attacking unarmed ship! US citizens and others in grave danger! (294 comments)

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  •  WTF? (2+ / 0-)
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    Corwin Weber, aggregatescience

    Hamas launching missile attacks on innocent civilians in Israel!  American lives in danger!

    Tell us, please, the humanitarian reasons why Hamas is wasting resources that could be building infrastructure and providing services to the Palestinian people in Gaza, on weaponry meant to attack Israeli citizens, including those of Arabic descent?  

    Sorry, this is b.s.  Nobody ever called the Israelis angels, but if they were left alone, they would leave everyone else alone.  They're not looking to expand territory, merely keep the territory they have and protect the lives of their people.  

    Enough of this anti-Zionist crap.  If you criticize Israel, you'd better put it context.  

    •  The are nor looking to expand territory? (3+ / 0-)
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      lysias, kyril, Gracian

      That may be the case now. Israel may now regret some of it's past actions, but it should take some responsibility for them. It's arab neighbours should do so as well.

      But this mess began to get out of control and completely irrational because they occupied territory that, according to international law, wasn't theirs. There had been relative peace for over a decade, and no attack on Israel had been imminent. Nevertheless, it was Israel that attacked and occupied the Gaza strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights. And for decades, settlers have been pouring in, supported by the Israeli government, and protected by the IDF.

      I do not support Hamas either, and think that the Palestinians did vote for them mainly to get rid of the Fatah government which they saw as a corrupt one, and a third choice wasn't available. Plus I imagine being occupied for 40 years doesn't improve your capabilities for rational thinking.

      I am highly frustrated by this conflict. I don't have a solution. I also think that, as long as there are influential groups on each side that can and do actively prevent finding a solution, it is a mainly futile discussion.

      I am also fed up being called a supporter of side A as soon as I say one critical word about side B. This is not about you or anyone particular on this side. This same shit happens anywhere this topic is disussed.

      And I thought I could keep myself out of this ...

    •  if israel was left alone there'd just be more (3+ / 0-)
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      Euroliberal, Pluto, Boreal Ecologist

      illegal settlements and every palestinian would have long been forced out.  let's be honest about this.

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