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View Diary: MN-Sen Events v. 39.1, Desperate Norm Thread (190 comments)

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  •  The only way that's NOT going... (2+ / 0-)
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    TomFromNJ, SteveP

    to happen is if Normy and the Rethugs get their way. Otherwise, it will be "those double counting, double crossing MN libruls stole the election." My response to the wingnuts: eat my shorts! Elections have consequences and having a Democrat managing the recount has at least made the process transparent, no matter how you would like to spin it!

    •  He'll be certified (0+ / 0-)

      It'll be early next week or the following week.  But he'll be certified.  That won;t be the end of the legal challenges however.

      The MN Supreme Court was pretty clear that other than the absentee issue, it would have to be contested in court after the certification. There's one thing that is a  7 day process and the rest would be an utter fishing expedition which could go on forever. But Al will be certified and seated.

      "you have the right to your own opinion. You do not have the right to your own facts" -Daniel Patrick Moynihan

      by SteveP on Wed Dec 31, 2008 at 10:50:09 AM PST

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