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View Diary: Burris Sympathizer Compares Reid to Segregationists (56 comments)

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  •  Except Harry has continually acted (0+ / 0-)

    as though corruption is always OK in the third person (their corruption) and is only inexcusable in the first person (our corruption).  I'd rather have a hypocrite in charge of our side than a guy who poops his pants every time the Rethugs say boo.

    But, again, Burris isn't corrupt (so far as we know now).  He's not part of the Blago scandals (which have yet to be proven).  So let's applaud the CONVICTED (white) FELON and shoot the innocent (African American) bystander.  Yeah, that's justice.

    I don't give a flying fig what he said or when he said it.  I do care that Harry Reid who couldn't lift a pinky to stand up to King George in the last two years as his royal assface trashed the Constitution is now seeking some extra-Constitutional way to block a perfectly legal and legitimate appointee...who happens to be both African American and a Democrat, by the way.  Therefore, I will continue to call Harry Reid a racist pig.  

    You will know a man by his actions.  Harry's actions tell me he's a racist pig.  He's blocking a legal appointee (who happens to be African American) for no legal or legitimate reason.  It is neither legal nor legitimate to block the appointee because you suspect the guy who appointed him may be guilty of something.  Have you got any dirt on Burris?  No?  Then blocking his appointment--seeing as Harry has never taken action against white corruption in the Senate--is defacto racist.

    •  you are batshit crazy (0+ / 0-)

      if this whole scenario really leads you to believe that "Harry's actions tell me he's a racist pig", you are truly and profoundly batshit crazy.

      •  I'm applying the Blago standard (0+ / 0-)

        Harry is guilty of being a racist pig until proven otherwise.  I don't have to have evidence, or an official judgement...just my reasonable suspicion will do.  

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