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    i spent early this morning surfing the net after getting a google update.  i was trying to track down this meme from yesterday circulating here about buyers with $ 50,000 income buying $ 500,000 houses.  A few persistent trolls were trying to push this in diaries yesterday.  The whole reactionary thing was pissing me off so much, I tried to do a little research.

    Instead google directed me here:

    which lead me here:

    which was deep doo doo.

    so reading something sane has restored my balance.

    now, as to working for obama, here is my idea, whether working for him or working with him, or whatever:

    the citizens of the usa need a primer on economics, especially the monetary system.  i think offering such workshops as community service is absolutely necessary to developing support for a radical shift in policies.

    so how do we do this?  it can be thrown up on the tubes??  

    i can offer writing skills which will help with accessibility.

    it is my idea that everyone needs this education and will be motivated by the crisis to actually pay attention.

    this ain't no party.. this ain't no disco.. this ain't no foolin'around..

    by fernan47 on Thu Jan 08, 2009 at 07:17:21 AM PST

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