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View Diary: The Senate should refuse to seat Mike Johanns! (21 comments)

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  •  Since Burris has decided (1+ / 0-)
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    to trade his personal integrity (I'm assuming he had some with that ego) for a senate seat, I honestly don't see a Constitutional roadblock to his admission.  He meets the qualifications and the Constitution is silent regarding certification by a Secretary of State.

    I do believe, however, he should immediately be subject of an investigation as to whether there was any quid pro quo for the seat and thus, expulsion proceedings.  I'm guessing, no -- just massive ego.

    Only 15 senators have been expelled -- 14 who were deemed traitors as they supported the Confederacy and one from the 18th century who wanted the Cree Tribe to invade and control Florida and Louisianna to be sold off to the British in exchange for cash.  

    I was hoping for a return of due process -- but it seems the circus is still in town.

    •  I'd even favor his being asked *before* (2+ / 0-)
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      justmy2, davidincleveland

      being seated to explain the circumstances of Blago's offer; I'd have Davis testify too.  Then, unless Davis said Blago had sought a quid pro quo or Burris admitted to one, I'd seat him.

      I still wouldn't seat Johanns, though, because I have the "Constitutional right."

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