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    Can you tell I majored in history?  I relished all the stories in my family.  My mother's side is interesting too.  They were Italians on the Iron Range in Minnesota, dontcha know.  Believe it or not, there were Italians in northern Minnesota.  My grandmother was divorced with three kids living with her parents and running their boarding house.  My great grandfather raised vegetables in open plots of land and sold the excess.  My mother, once she reached adulthood, would not pick any berry or can any fruit or vegetable.  Apparently, she spent her childhood summers doing just that.  They pretty much fed themselves this way.  My grandmother did remarry and her husband was a professional gambler and bootlegged wine during prohibition.  When manufacturing returned, they moved to Detroit just before the war and that's how my parents met.  My grandfather stilled gambled to supplement their income.  He was really professional in that he never bet anything but his seed money.  He played poker and pinochle and memorized cards.  He was something to watch.

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