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View Diary: Texas Baptists Want State Funds to Win Converts (63 comments)

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  •  Gotta agree with mediaprisoner here. (8+ / 0-)

    I've only been to Texas a couple of times and I was very happy to leave both times. Texas culture is definitely not for me.

    •  went to Dallas for a conference last year (0+ / 0-)
      and felt ill as my shuttle bus brought me in from the airport on George Bush Freeway.  Jebuz.  They also took us to southfork for a social event.  The food was OK but I was underwhelmed with the "tour".  On the other hand it probably would have helped if I had ever followed the show at all.  I never did like it.  On the other hand there were two women on the bus that were going nuts all the way out.  I think they were positively giddy.  On the way back they made a comment about how it wasn't what they thought.  I thought to myself, its a freaking made up TV program, what did you expect?????

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