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  •  I hope Leon Panetta (and others) will take a look (3+ / 0-)
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    native, filby, DHinIA

    at the recent book by Russ Baker, "Family of Secrets," with particular reference to pages 305 ff., concerning what happened when Adm. Stansfield Turner replaced George H.W. Bush as head of the CIA.

    I do not know enough to endorse this book as a whole, but find parts of its narrative suggestive if not compelling.

    ...Turner was a fish out of water--actually as unfamilar with the inner workings of the agency as George H. W. Bush pretended to be....One of Turner's first steps was to force out hundreds of officers from the Operations ("Dirty Tricks") Division--the perceived "rogue element"--along with their outside agents...Turner's reforms created bitter internal resistance and fostered the establishment of a kind of CIA regime in exile...Within six months it was reported to have more than seventeen thousand members. Meanwhile, inside the agency, Hank Knoche, whom Turner retained as his number-two man, was patently disloyal to his boss...

    According to Baker, we are still living with the unfolding consequences. Whether Baker is correct about everything or not, bureaucratic experience suggests that cleanup of CIA is likely to present a minefield, especially dangerous for anyone outside the "club."

    •  Fair enough, but.... (3+ / 0-)
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      whataboutbob, rlochow, filby

      Admiral Blair knows where the bodies are buried. He's the guy Panetta reports to.  It's a bit different now, too, because many within the CIA feel exactly like Richard Clarke. They're mad at the Bush administration for pinning Iraq on them, and furious about some of the blatantly illegal activities they were assigned.

      Educate yourself. Think for yourself. Be yourself. Do for others.

      by DHinIA on Tue Jan 06, 2009 at 09:10:18 AM PST

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