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  •  Very well done (3.83)
    It can be hard to "make a scene" but this is absolutely the right course of action for today.

    Make a scene every time a scene needs to be made.  For every person who is willing to make a scene, there are countless numbers who won't make a scene but are utterly grateful to those who do.

    The silent majority can be a bit lame like that.  So they need the vocal ones among us to step up.

    Good on yer.

    "GOTFV, bitches." - jsmdlawyer, Daily Kos, Nov 1, 2004

    by Loquatrix on Tue Nov 02, 2004 at 10:21:17 AM PST

    •  asdf (1.16)
      Yeah!  What she said.

      And if you run into more...ah..."agressive" GOP-Style challengers...

      Punch them as hard as you can in the face.  After you vote, of course.

      Sure, some people will get arrested.  But the stories that'll go around will certainly dissuade the casual Bushist "Challenger" from getting too assertive, and that's worth a misdemeanor assault ticket.

      Bonus: Punching a smug Rethug in the mouth will put a smile on your face, and be patriotic to boot.

      •  We don't hit (4.00)
        First, most Republicans are nice, normal people who simply have a hard time seeing what damage the wingnuts are doing to their party. They assume our complaints about incipient fascism are a bunch of hot air. But they themselves are not fascist, and they have as much a right to their opinions as we have to ours.

        Second, the fascist wingnuts would like nothing better than to see liberals resort to random, pointless violence. That would give them the excuse they need to lock us up in concentration camps.

        •  Exactly - I am sure he is only a 'wannabe'... (3.90)
          First, most Republicans are nice, normal people who simply have a hard time seeing what damage the wingnuts are doing to their party.

          I am sure that is what this guy is... he's a Karl Rove 'wannabe'... Under most situations he is probably harmless... but he saw the PowerPoints and signed on...

          We just have to be sure to 'remind' them there are consequences if they go too far... and that we know where to find them afterward. Not a direct threat but remind them no one will remain anonymous if this thing gets ugly.

          I think he 'got' it.

        •  asdf: the sequel (none)
          1932: While "challenging" jews at polling places, most Nazis were nice, normal people who simply had a hard time seeing what damage Hitler and his gang were doing to THEIR country.

          choice A:  Angry Winners
          choice B: Same Old Sorry Ass Democrats

          Personally, I'm angry.  And I plan on winning.

      •  Rethug (none)
        Part of the dream and hope of democracy is the transcendence of violence.  Fantasizing on punching people out is understandable because of what is really behind their presence.  But it does no good.  The guy in line did a good job.  It would have been even better if he had convinced the guy to leave in front of everyone, telling him he should be ashamed of himself.  Still, the gop guy, witness, had the conviction to be there, so even if we disagree, we should treat them with some civility, not a lot, just some.
      •  Vote first (none)
        Before doing anything that might land you in hospital, jail, or riot fence:


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