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View Diary: Paul Krugman: Obama's proposed stimulus $1T too small (129 comments)

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  •  Obama has talked of tax cuts all along. (0+ / 0-)

    and he has said for middle class and small business.
    Small business did not get crap from Bush.  It was corporations with him.
    Small businesses are dying out fast and they very needed.
    I think it's good for them.  they are just average people trying to run a little business.  Not villans
    I do think the tax cuts for middle class is not going to do anything right now and is a waste.
    As for not going after the rich right now it is agreed by most economists that to tax during a deep recession is a very bad idea.  It's on the same level as giving tax cuts and going to war.  Bad idea.

    To say Obama is kowtowing is to buy into republican spin because Obama has discussed this all  along in his campaign.

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