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View Diary: Dems Move Left: Political Chromatography in the House (15 comments)

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    I thought I'd wait a bit so as not to knock David's diary off the top as it's kind of his re-introductory/promotion diary.  Thought it would be a little rude.

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      I always try to be careful when I post too, so that makes sense.

      BTW - in 1989 I was doing research at the Library of Congress and as I walked out there was a display of maps showing which party held which congressional district.  The 1900 map showed the GOP holding most of the seats in the North, and the Dems holding every seat below the Mason-Dixon.  The 1988 map of course showed the dems still holding most of the southern congressional seats.  I was struck at the time, however, by how unlikely that was to last.  In that sense the dem majorities of the 80's were an historical anachromism that was inevitably going to be rectified.  And it was (see 1994).

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        Here's that map again, if you trust wikipedia.  :)

        As recently as 2007, too, the conventional wisdom was that only a Southern Democrat could win the White House.

        The problem the Republicans have is that they cannot dominate the South as the Democrats once did because 1) there's about 40 minority districts and 2) they're working against the clock as the New South emerges.

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          given the IQ level of the typical pundit, that might be an insult.....:-)

          Look at the map from 1900.  Obama carried only 4 states that had Democratic majority CD's in 1900: Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

          In the summer at Openleft I posted the Electoral Map from the election of 1860.  Barack Obama is the first Democrat to carry every state that Lincoln carried in 1860!  The states he won that Lincoln lost were as follows:

          North Carolina

          Each of those four states have been taken over or are being strongly changed by migration from the north to the south.  

          The story of American Politics remains in many ways the story of the Civil War.

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