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View Diary: Dems Move Left: Political Chromatography in the House (15 comments)

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    In other words, Obama has a much better chance for a cooperative Democratic caucus in the House than Clinton did.  In addition, almost half of Republicans are now from the South.  Previously, this was not the case.

    This is why I have some trouble understanding why BO is making a fetish of attracting Republican't support for his stimulus package, or much of anything.  They exist (as do most oppositions) to OPPOSE WHATEVER HE WANTS TO DO.  

    As a reminder, Clinton's 1993 tax reform/stimulus package passed both the House and Senate without one single Republican't vote and even w/ Democratic control in both houses there were enough defections that VP Gore had to break the Senate tie.  

    I'd prefer that BO use his popularity and confidence to announce "this is the plan" and if R's want to get on board, fine, but let them explain why they aren't "getting w/ the (popularly-supported recovery) program".

    But, for me, this was the nut graf:

    Republicans have a damn hard time getting elected in any district that's less than 60% non-Hispanic white.

    IMHO, W & Rove had a reasonably practical dream of attracting Hispanic voters to the GOP to overcome this.  However, the wagon (party) they hitched themselves to has a diehard white-supremacist base, who can't let go of the immigration issue (political poison for Hispanics) while the party can't let go of its white-supremacist christianist (if anyone wants to argue, I'll remind 'em that the KKK doesn't burn Stars of David...) activist base (who are political poison for the rest of the electorate).  As a Dem, I'll be proud to have us lapping them while they argue in the pits.

    Again, thanks for the insightful post, DOE!

    •  you got to the nut better than the poster did (0+ / 0-)

      This myth dies hard:

      Republicans have been reduced to a mainly white, Southern party.

      The poster says that even after demonstrating that the Republican base in 2008 was in
      Appalachia, Sagebrush, Southern Comfort, and Farm Belt close to equally. Pretending Canton and Dodge City are part of the south isn't going to help us win more districts for Democrats.

      Obama, not paying too much attention to the conventional wisdom, won much of the Southern Lowlands: DE, MD, VA, NC, and came close enough in GA to force the TV networks to retract their early calls for several hours.

      How do you win over really white districts?  I think universal health care and universal broadband will chip some holes in that brick wall.

      "Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all." --Hypatia of Alexandria, c.400

      by jayskew on Sat Jan 10, 2009 at 12:03:30 PM PST

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