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  •  I still distinguish (5+ / 0-)

    There are a lot of hackers out there, who just do things to see if they can.  A lot of them are "white hats", working to secure systems by exposing and then fixing security holes.

    The "black hats" - crackers, phreakers, phishers, and spammers - are just plain criminals.  Things like these SSH brute force scripts serve only the people who deploy them, to the detriment of the people whose systems are used.

    For the sake of good hackers, remember that the term 'hacker' wasn't even originally applied to computer users; hacking was an MIT term for the stunts they pulled (like turning the dome of one of the campus buildings into an overgrown R2D2...).

    Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. - William Pitt

    by Phoenix Rising on Thu Jan 08, 2009 at 10:23:16 AM PST

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