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View Diary: SoapBlox Press Release on Yesterday's Event (168 comments)

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  •  buhdy (4+ / 0-)
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    RiaD, buhdydharma, pfiore8, Wordsinthewind

    WTF indeed.  Yes, I'm a "Wimpy Badger".  Indeed, I came up with the damn name, a convoluted anagram.  I didn't organize it, showed up by invitation to the original google group & came along for the ride.

    I can't pretend to know what geomoo is talking about, but if he's seeing "evil" at WB, he needs to cut back on whatever he's smoking:  it's a bunch of mildly peculiar folks, some of whom got crossways with folks at your place for reasons I don't fully understand, and our "machinations" consist almost entirely of music you-tubes, chitchat, mild snarkativity, and warmth.  Lots of warmth from good folks, good folks who have precisely no interest in being snooped at, subjected to outlandish allegations, whatever.  Being entirely ignored would be nice.

    As for the suggestion that WB would be a good place to look for the source of soapblox problems, I can only chuckle, mostly in disbelief.  Geomoo knows better than anybody else that we're technical schlemiels & couldn't hack a tomato with a cleaver.

    The truth shall make ye fret... -William DeWorde

    by flagpole on Thu Jan 08, 2009 at 04:41:18 PM PST

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    •  You should perhaps then, (1+ / 0-)
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      try to fully understand what happened.

      Again, I have no idea what geomoo is talking about re evil, I just know what happened at DD....and then the trashing of folks at DD by the 'good folks' at the Badger site. I was directed to the gossip there by folks who thought I should know I was being trashed.

      A little internet tip! If you folks want to be left alone to trash people, get a private forum, not a public site!

      •  You flatter yourself (3+ / 0-)
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        buhdydharma, funluvn1, pfiore8

        but that doesn't make it true buhdy.  Really, seriously it's not always all about you.

      •  I don't even know what happened at DD (5+ / 0-)

        really.  As for trashing people at WB, well, that's sort of their perogative as long as they pay the bill....I don't indulge, as a rule, because a) I wasn't involved in the original nonsense; and b) I kind of think the internet is a silly place to have a knife fight, with or without guns.

        Also depends on what you consider "trashing", I guess.  There are a couple folks who have received a beating or two, which I have done my best to ignore, as it's not my problem.  I haven't seen you "trashed", per se.  What I've gathered is that you made some choices that were considered unfortunate, and some people were very hurt as a result; this, in my book, is more like jilted love than hate, as it were.  But whatever:  rather less than half a percent of what has gone on at WB has ever had anything to do with you or any aspect of docudharma.

        As for public vs private, well, let's see:  we have something like 10 members who can comment, and most comments are hidden within a couple minutes; we have a goofy name that's not likely to attract a lot of attention, and subject matter that isn't going to make any outsider's socks roll up and down.  I wouldn't have even known about this whole stink if I hadn't received an e-mail:  what with the rating system and all, it's not an easy place to navigate.  I'd say that, probabilistically, that's about as private as you can get.  I have no idea how word of WB got to you, but it seems sort of likely that it wasn't by accident that the site was found:  somebody was looking REAL hard.  If they found something they didn't like, well, could be there's a moral to this story.  

        BTW, again, none of this has any bearing on my regard for you or docudharma.  I was responding to geo's allegations, not casting nasturtiums your direction.

        The truth shall make ye fret... -William DeWorde

        by flagpole on Thu Jan 08, 2009 at 05:48:05 PM PST

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