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  •  You should perhaps then, (1+ / 0-)
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    try to fully understand what happened.

    Again, I have no idea what geomoo is talking about re evil, I just know what happened at DD....and then the trashing of folks at DD by the 'good folks' at the Badger site. I was directed to the gossip there by folks who thought I should know I was being trashed.

    A little internet tip! If you folks want to be left alone to trash people, get a private forum, not a public site!

    •  You flatter yourself (3+ / 0-)
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      buhdydharma, funluvn1, pfiore8

      but that doesn't make it true buhdy.  Really, seriously it's not always all about you.

    •  I don't even know what happened at DD (5+ / 0-)

      really.  As for trashing people at WB, well, that's sort of their perogative as long as they pay the bill....I don't indulge, as a rule, because a) I wasn't involved in the original nonsense; and b) I kind of think the internet is a silly place to have a knife fight, with or without guns.

      Also depends on what you consider "trashing", I guess.  There are a couple folks who have received a beating or two, which I have done my best to ignore, as it's not my problem.  I haven't seen you "trashed", per se.  What I've gathered is that you made some choices that were considered unfortunate, and some people were very hurt as a result; this, in my book, is more like jilted love than hate, as it were.  But whatever:  rather less than half a percent of what has gone on at WB has ever had anything to do with you or any aspect of docudharma.

      As for public vs private, well, let's see:  we have something like 10 members who can comment, and most comments are hidden within a couple minutes; we have a goofy name that's not likely to attract a lot of attention, and subject matter that isn't going to make any outsider's socks roll up and down.  I wouldn't have even known about this whole stink if I hadn't received an e-mail:  what with the rating system and all, it's not an easy place to navigate.  I'd say that, probabilistically, that's about as private as you can get.  I have no idea how word of WB got to you, but it seems sort of likely that it wasn't by accident that the site was found:  somebody was looking REAL hard.  If they found something they didn't like, well, could be there's a moral to this story.  

      BTW, again, none of this has any bearing on my regard for you or docudharma.  I was responding to geo's allegations, not casting nasturtiums your direction.

      The truth shall make ye fret... -William DeWorde

      by flagpole on Thu Jan 08, 2009 at 05:48:05 PM PST

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