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  •  Okay, here's real (0+ / 0-)

    You start out with the following statement:

    The question of what could have been a talented Dem Party Chair (coming from the grassroots of the Party) vs. a retired elected official as Party Chair--and all the pros and cons contained in that conversation.

    Um... okay.  

    Then you follow up:

    Most of the people on our grassroots slate volunteered (individually) to support Burton.  I don't think anyone felt pressured.  I certainly did not. [...]

    I suggest we should not exaggerate or speculate about heavy-handedness unless one experiences it first-hand.

    Did you not read the diary or the comments? One of your "co-slatees" says in no uncertain terms that he was explicitly told that he must endorse Burton or he would be taken down. And you think that no one felt pressured? Hello???

    And since you apparently missed it the first time around, here is the facebook message that was sent out recently by the "John Burton for Chair of the California Democratic Party" group: [emphasis added]

    From: Facebook
    Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 11:34 AM
    Subject: "John Burton for Chair of the California Democratic Party" sent you a message on Facebook...

    Katie Kerner sent a message to the members of John Burton for Chair of the California Democratic Party.

    Subject: Volunteers Needed!

    Dear Burton Supporter:

    John appreciates your support in his campaign to become the next Chair of the California Democratic Party!

    As we close in on this weekend's elections, (please visit FAssembly_District_Election_Meetings.htm for times andlocations), the campaign needs your help to make each election successful in electing 12 John Burton supporters.

    Today, we need volunteers and on-site coordinators the assist the campaign with the AD Caucus Elections taking place this Saturday, January 10th, and Sunday, January 11th, 2009.

    Responsibilities would include:

    Prior to Election Day:
    . Scout the polling location and familiarize yourself with the area
    . Print several John Burton signs that will serve to direct voters to you in order to obtain slates cards and information about how to vote in the election (we will provide these)
    HINT: You may wish to recruit a few friends to assist you on Election Day as well as a card table and chair for the day
    . Depending on your proposed turnout, please make ample copies of the Slate Card with the "How to Vote in an Assembly District Caucus Election" printed on the other side (we will provide both)
    . Print Burton literature that may be handed out by request (we will provide this as well)

    On Election Day:
    . Wear warm, layered clothing depending on your region as you will be standing outdoors
    . Arrive one hour prior to the beginning of registration, and stay throughout the registration process
    . Make sure to check in with the Convener for specific guidelines for disbursement of information based on the site
    . Identify a candidate (that is part of the Burton Slate) that will report the final results to Mollie Culver via email to mollie@burton2 or by phone to (916) 447-8254.

    Now, maybe you think of yourself as more than just a "John Burton supporter," but I guarantee you that nobody from John Burton's campaign (and the consulting firm that he hired to "organize" these supposed grassroots volunteers) sees you as anything other than a useful idiot.

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