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    I am not aware that someone on the slate I am part of talked directly with a Burton organizer and was told something along the lines of endorse Burton or be taken down.  
    My understanding is that this person was making an inference/interpretation based on something I or someone else on our slate had passed along.  It is my feeling, that I tried to articulate in my previous post, that this overly negative and mean-spirited interpretation was a mischaracterization.

    Reasonable people can disagree, but unreasonable people will just suggest that those they disagree with are to be considered idiots.  I am not an idiot, and the people who I know personally helping Burton certainly do not think if me as such.  In fact, no one who has posted on this topic is an idiot as far as I'm concerned.  

    I see nothing mean-spirited or unfairly objectionable about the Facebook message from Burton's folks.  They are trying to organize their supporters.  Those that disagree with him--or on other slates--should and are trying to organize THEIR supporters.  I do not plan to distribute the Burton slate info at my A.D. caucus this weekend. I plan to distribute the 'grassroots progressives' slate that includes people who have and people who have not endorsed Burton.

    Also, I do NOT feel in any way obligated to Burton just because I endorsed him for chair.  In fact, I feel that since I endorsed him, he will be obligated to me (ha,ha,ha -- even I'm laughing at that).  

    My point is that whomever the next Chair is (and it will certainly be John Burton--although I would have preferred Bauman), we progressive, reform-minded activists must continue to push for reforms within the party, and 'clean money' elections throughout the state.  

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