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View Diary: Realpolitik in the California Democratic Party (36 comments)

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  •  Progressive Coalition Slates in AD 5, 9 & 10 (1+ / 0-)
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    A coalition of Labor, Progressive, Environmental & LGBT activists.

    Single Payer Healthcare, Strong Labor, Environmental Awareness, LGBT Equality, and Ending Pre-emptive War Policies

    AD5 Women
    Gina Rowe *also running for E-Board Rep (bio)
    Tami Dramer
    Jo Ann Souvignier

    AD5 Men
    Steve Reed
    Ed Unutoa
    Eric Sunderland
    Basim Elkarra


    AD9 Women
    Constance "Conny" Anderson (bio)
    Zoila Couture (bio)
    Laurie McBride
    Anna Molander
    Joan Quinn (bio)

    AD9 Men
    Chris Niehaus (bio)
    Chris Parker *also running for E-Board Rep (bio)
    Mike Whiteside
    Glenn Wright


    AD10 Women
    Margaret "Peggy" Gorman (bio)
    Stephanie Mitchell

    AD10 Men
    Ryan Gorman (bio)
    Zak Ford (bio)
    Bernie Knighton

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