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    I just spoke to Alex Rooker after her email withdrawing from the race. I also sent her a link to this diary so she could read some of the things that are going on in the race. Though she said it more diplomatically in her email, it was clear she realized Burton was willing to do ANYTHING to ANYBODY to win this. And she wasn't willing to unleash his scorched-earth tactics on the whole state party and the volunteers who make it up.

    I told her I respect her concern for the party and for all of us, but that I had less to lose than she does in this game. And that I'm not going to sit still for this bullshit. This is not change we can believe in. This is the same old power brokers in their smoke-filled back rooms--telling all the little people what to do. And I'm not going to play nice. I'm not going to shut up. And I'm not going to let him get away with this--at least not easily.

    For starters, I'm going to email Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry McNerney (whose campaign staff Penny and I served on), Jim Dean, and anybody else I know and can think of. In fact I may just go down Burton's list of endorsers and pick out everybody I've met and worked with. I'm going to tell them what's going on around here and how disgusted I am with it. I'm going to tell them how damaging I think it will be to the CDP. And I'm going to ask them to withdraw their support.

    I suggest you all do the same. Otherwise the old-boys network is going to get away with this. And that would be more than a step back--it would set us several decades back. I've worked too hard to let that happen. I hope you feel the same.  Chris Finnie, AD 27

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