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View Diary: MUST READ: Nate Silver's Price Is Right Theory (197 comments)

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  •  You can agree or disagree but tagging (8+ / 0-)

    the diarist as someone who thinks Obama is always right is just -- plain and simple -- a copout.

    I don't always agree with Obama's actions or reactions. But time and again, there was so much "concern" here about something he said or didn't say (especially during the primaries) and then it turned out he knew exactly what he was doing. (Last I checked, he DID win, right?)

    So I'll buy Nate's theory...because hell, I'm pretty damn smart but Nate blows me out of the water. And I really do think Obama is at least as smart as Nate.

    Frankly, even if I disagreed I wouldn't stoop to the low blows you've laid out, which I also think indicates you're one of those folks MUST BE RIGHT. (The rest of you know the type I'm talking about...)

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