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  •  Superiority complex (4+ / 0-)
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    askew, Mary Julia, hyper, drache

    You seem to have some sort of superiority complex, which may be why you keep leaving sites because you can't stand it when somebody disagrees with you. You accuse us of discounting what you say and shut you down. But you are the one who is attacking people for simply discussing a theory put forth by a well-respected pundit and saying that we lack the ability to see Obama through objective lenses.

    At the end of the day, Obama is going to be judged on the results. But since those results won't be known for quite some time, I see nothing wrong with discussing this theory and whether or not it makes sense.

    Based on what Obama has said, I can logically see the scenario Nate puts forth playing out. If it doesn't and the stimulus package ends up at $700-$800 billion and that proves to not be enough, Obama will have to answer for it.  

    If Nate's theory doesn't make sense to you, fine. Make your counter-argument. But don't try to intimidate people into silence by accusing them of not being objective. Your conclusions are not the definition of objectivity.  

    •  I ignored you when you started with (1+ / 0-)
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      the psycho babble. You are responding to a post in which I corrected myself by saying that Kos provided an actual nuanced response regarding Warren versus some of the many other recommeded outlandish diaries since Kos's smart post.

      I did not say I completely agreed with everything Kos in his front page on Warren, because I don't require agreement. Just not insulting b.s that's not about listening to diffferent views, but insteadn about STFU.  I appreciated that he attempted to not engage in a groupthink and to shut down real debate.

      For the record, I left Open Left after one of the groupthinkers over there referred to me as tarbaby2 and I left mydd after Armstrong kept attacking Obama over Wright, and later returned when Armstrong stopped making such claims.  I read many conservative and liberal newswpapers, blogs etc including Andrew Sullivan, and multiple others. This is all to say you really have no idea about which you are talking about. You are just trying to engage in the circling of the wagon groupthink that I discussed in my oringial post.

      •  Disagreeing with us does not make us wrong (3+ / 0-)
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        Catte Nappe, hyper, FistJab

        Your unwillingness to even read something critical written about you reinforces my view that you suffer from a superiority complex. Had you bothered to read what I wrote, it had nothing to do with Warren. My point was that people who agree with Nate's Price Is Right Theory are not mindless Obama-bots unable to criticize the president-elect as you seem to think.

        My point was that we are as equally capable as you to look at the record and then decide if the theory makes sense or not. That is not "circling the wagons" or suffering from groupthink. That is reaching a different conclusion then you and that does not make us wrong (or right, for that matter).

        •  Groupthink faith (0+ / 0-)

          The only facts you have on the table right now are a) Obama  made overtures about his plan and b)  Democratic Senators eacted. Nate Silver added- "Oh, Obama intended the Senators reaction."

          I add are that we know the personalities involved of the players outside of Obama. There are more players than Nate describes. Is this in dispute now? If so, why was this necessary at all if the GOP does not matter?

           I assume that Obama means what he says. Your argument, implicitly, believes he does not.

          If you are going respond to every situation with "Obama means this result because Obama did this action that could go multiple ways." It's circular logic. You can't know that. You are making stuff up, and choosing to belief the argument you have made up. Again, the only facts we know are the ones I mentioned above.

          If this were the first time, I had seen people just make u arguments without anything to back it up- that would be one thing. But it's not.

          When it was FISA, the same argument was used. When it was Warren, the same argue. I look at patterns of behavior generally.

          To buy your Machivellian view of Obama is to beleive that Mitch McConnel and the Republicans are simply going to remain static while this bill moves left.

          I don't assume I am smarter than everyon else and have  healthy respect for  the smarts of everyone, including the Republicans. To buy this argument here, and this group think requires you to believe you are hoodwinking the right.

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