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    As a fellow midwesterner, I've been to Muskegon -- and to a hudred other Muskegons.  Bravo to you for returning to your place, and beginning the effort to rebuild it.

    I am more and more convinced that our "leaders" do not fuully understand the fix we're in, or how to get out of it.  We need to examine the deep historical roots of our current economic insecurity before we can arrive at a working vision for economic and environmental sustainability.  Muskegon was once a key center for the exploitation of white pine timber.  That faded as the pine was exhausted in the late 1800s.  That was just the first wave.  We've never really achieved a viable vision for places like Muskegon because we've moved further and further away from a robust and sustainable local economy.  In the midwest, European settlement occurred only 150 years ago, more or less -- all in the fossil fuel age, and hardly long enough to find the formula for durable, healthy communities, econmies, and landscapes.

    I hope and work for a future that will build on our strengths (abundant water, rich soils, community ethos, etc.) and focus on the things that will sustain us for the long run: re-localized economies, local food production, ecological restoration, reclaiming and rebuilding of small towns and small businesses, educating ourselves about the natual and cultural history of our places, infusing the arts back into our communities, etc. This is what the "economic stimulus" and the "infrastructure investments" ought to be about.  I fear they will not.

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      if unemployment is so severe why is the cost of child care "over a thousand a month"?  I am in NJ and full time day care for one toddler at a good (national chain) day care was a few hundred a month, not cheap and in the end more than the tax deduction allowance but not over a thousand a month.  

      I would think that day care would be one of those mom and pop businesses that could operate at much lower costs (labor is their primary cost) in a low employment area than in some where like NJ.  Am I missing some thing?

      there is only one reality, republicans just forget at times

      by Bloke on Wed Jan 14, 2009 at 09:37:59 PM PST

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