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View Diary: Hamas Leaders Are Chicken Sh*T (219 comments)

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    I don't disagree with you, Israel has banned the international media from Gaza. With that in mind, I wouldn't believe a word that came from anything Israel.

    If the international media was allowed, BBC, Le Monde or whoever could corroborate and do its investigation.

    Since they aren't allowed, they can't. And this is obviously why Israel is doing this. So, one can only conclude that the story is bogus.

    By the way, this is why it is so stupid by Israel to not let the media into Gaza. What exactly is Israel trying to hide?

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      that Israel should not ban outside media.  I think it's doing more to hurt their PR than it protects it.  However I don't believe their top motivation is to hide what is going on in Gaza, I think it's that after accidently hitting a school with children in it, the last thing in the world Israel wants or needs is a CNN reporter as collateral damage.  As it is, half the dead soldiers were killed by friendly fire.  Wars are hard to color inside the lines.

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