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  •  I'd like to help these campaigns (7+ / 0-)

    I think that the progressive campaign message can and should go out via different media, youtube, facebook, campaign website, and traditional media. There's no need to lock one's campaign to a traditional media outreach model.

    Also, what's needed are competent field hands--people that are assigned to each county in a congressional district for the congressional campaign. You can't get anywhere without a great field game, and figuring out how to reach voters.

    With respect to funding, the progressive blogosphere is great for that. I think we should have some variation of democracy bonds for the PCCC in terms of purchasing media market ad buys as that's what cripples a lot of grassroots campaigns with their inability to buy ads in expensive media markets.

    Anyone that joins the PCCC should have a portion of their donations set aside for the media marketing and the rest for field campaigns.

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