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  •  pragmatic politics (4+ / 0-)
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    fayeforcure, TheOpinionGuy, rossl, allenjo

    Wasted money and wasted motion are major impediments and I am totally on board at the level of principle.

    In this vein, on the shortest of the short list, if the voice of the people is to matter, belongs

    Term Limits.

    The office of the president has a two term limit. This is wise.

    But my own Representative Smith (NJ) has been in the same office for about twenty years; and the representative before him, from the other major party, the same story.

    Substantial familial dynasties are already evident in the House and the Senate.

    Who really admires dynasties?  Americans do not. Core, founding American values have never offered any misplaced love for dynasties of the sort so popular (or rather so suffered) in European history, much less familial dynasties in our own representative government.

    Particularly in the House -- the federal office intended to be most closely representative of the people they represent -- the current 98% incumbent reelection rate nationwide is evidence of a severe problem, a total disconnect from the intended design of the office, a 2-year (!!) nominal term.

    Term limits for the House must be on the short list for any progress in the quality of our representation, progressive or otherwise.

    •  Purpose is to limit progressives (6+ / 0-)

      Really what winds up happening is that term limits are pushed by people who are chagrined that progressives are staying in office longer than they would like.

      Local politics is a little different than state or national, in that people actually can become acquainted with office holders and local groups can easily gather enough strength to replace a stagnant officeholder with someone else.  

      If there are people who linger in office as dead wood, it is largely a sign that there isn't enough local activism.

    •  you're right that there's a problem (2+ / 0-)
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      freakofsociety, Commoditize This

      but the solution to the problem of connections and cronies keeping a politician in office is campaign finance reform, not term limits.

      We want to keep the best ones around for their accumulated knowledge.

      The hopeful depend on a world without end, whatever the hopeless may say. --Rush

      by Leftcandid on Sun Jan 11, 2009 at 01:42:17 PM PST

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    •  I think the reelection in the house every two (0+ / 0-)

      years is a bit of a problem. How are they supposed to focus on what they are doing if they are thinking about running for reelection? It's a bit problematic. Again, election reform.

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