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View Diary: OH-Sen: Voinovich Officially Retires (129 comments)

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  •  Joe the Senator (0+ / 0-)

    Maybe Joe the Plumber will run, after he finds out that, like plumbing, writing books, and recording records, war journalism is not terribly profitable.

    •  CSM reporting already speculating on that. (0+ / 0-)

      Ohio Sen. Voinovich to retire. Could Joe the Plumber run for Senate?

      What about that guy from Ohio who campaigned with John McCain.  You know, Joe the Plumber?

      In a matter of months, Wurzelbacher (his real last name) has gone from kind-of plumber to McCain prop to kind-of author to war correspondent in Israel.

      By the way, in case you haven’t heard, that last part is true.  We told you about this last week.  Wurzelbacher is actually in Israel and he’s covering the fighting for a conservative web site.

      So, why not fill out the resume with U.S. Senator?

      He told conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham last October that he was interested in Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s seat and was mulling a run.

      "I’ll tell you what, we’d definitely be in one heck of a fight but, you know, I’d be up for it," he said.

      No way, you say?  The Arizona Cardinals are in the NFC Championship game.

      Anything - anything - is possible.

      •  Cardinals are better than Joe the Idiot (0+ / 0-)

        Don't disgrace the Cardinals like that!  They are actually starting to play hard now that they are in the playoffs, Carolina did not do much against them.

        That said, Ravens Rule!

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