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  •  Whatever (2+ / 0-)
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    mcmom, MariaWr

    I don't like outsourcing period, whether it's to India, Pakistan, Brazil, China, Finland or anywhere else.

    IMO if the business plan of a U.S. company is not workable without outsourcing labor then that is a business I will not support.  I don't think its necessary to outlaw such business practices per se, but that doesn't prevent me from making my own personal choices when it comes to buying someone's products and services.

    If it costs more because it's made here then we need to suck it up and pay more.  If that means there's less money for other things, then so be it.  Our standard of living is going to be lower anyway no matter what we do in the coming years and we need the jobs HERE.

    Protectionism?  You bet.  Sign me up.

    •  Errr, I think you didn't get my joke. (3+ / 0-)
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      GOTV, Dems2004, Julia C

      Without getting too deep into the larger issue, I'll simply say I was joking about brownsox being Indian-American.

      On that larger issue, I don't like outsourcing within the country. Trying to find cheap labor wherever you can despite the human and other costs sucks. I don't draw a huge distinction between sending work to a cheap firm in India and sending it to some contingent employee in the US who gets no benefits and can be let go without notice.

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