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    •  Have you ever wondered.... (6+ / 0-)

        how George Bush 41 had the CIA building named after him when he was only CIA Director for one year. When Bush 41 went in as director, the CIA was under heavy scrutiny by Congress for Watergate and the findings of the Church Commission. Because Bush was involved in the CIA since the early 1950's, he knew how to turn the tables on Congress.
        Within one year, we had Koreagate and the foundations for the Abscam scandal was exposed while Bush 41 was director. Suddenly, the focus became Congress and the CIA escaped the intense pressure that Frank Church and Otis Pike wanted to bring on the CIA and its sordid history of assassinations and shaping of governments both foreign and our own. The Bush family from Prescott to George and Jeb have been heavily invested in military contracting, intelligence, and the financial sector. They see themselves as America's dynasty. George 43 is reliving the older program of power and privilege even as he moves back to "Dallas".
         Bush 41 was UN ambassador as Watergate exploded. But he was the only UN ambassador ever that was also a part of the president's cabinet and participated weekly in their decisions and deliberations. Yet, he was not stained by the close association with Nixon from Watergate. I would urge you to explore the relationship of Bush 41 and E Howard Hunt. Then add in Allen Dulles, CIA Director who was fired by Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs. So here we have close friends of Nixon like Dulles, Bush 41, and E Howard Hunt involved in Watergate. Watergate was more about the Bay of Pigs and November 22, 1963 than it was about some Democratic campaign headquarters.

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