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View Diary: Flushing the Cheney Administration Down the Memory Hole (306 comments)

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  •  Not going to be flushed because... (6+ / 0-)

    There are real victims here that won't allow it to be.  

    Consider, for a moment, how people might have wanted to just move on in the aftermath of World War II and forget little things like the Japenese Internment.  The only problem with that, though, was that there were many Japanese who had been interned or had had family interned (often while they served in the war) and they were not satisfied with just moving on.

    Likewise, with the Bush Cheney torture regime, the media may be ready to move on to the latest Missing White Cheerleader story, there are going to be hundreds or thousands of people with unfinished business relating to Guantanamo and Bagram and Abu Graib who have not been heard from yet.  And even if the major  American news networks try to avoid covering this, the rest of the world won't, because most of the victims aren't American, and they are going to either be going home to family with not very happy tales to tell, or they are going to be tried and incarcerated in the United States, with (assuming Obama keeps his promises) access to attorneys and the courts.

    Also, as John Dean pointed out recently on Countdown, there is a strong likelihood of investigation by European prosecutors and charges brought against American officials in the future for events of the Bush administration.  As much as Obama may want to turn the page and move on so he can push his own agenda, this is not going to be something he can easily ignore.  Oh, Bush could have and would have ignored it, but Obama, not as likely.

    The real roadblock is going to come from the complicit Democrats in Congress, people like Pelosi and Reid and Feinstein, people who were aware of everything that was taking place and have a vested interest in making the story go away in order to protect their reputations and to maintain the status quo.  

    •  How Obama proceeds is going to be (1+ / 0-)
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      critical. Right now I see Obama as more of a manager who will respond to the situation as it develops, and to the political process of the new Congress, and less of an individual contributor or representative of a limited constituency or interests. That's because there's just so much going on, particularly with respect to the economy, as he is inaugurated.

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