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      The major point on which Nixon broke with the corporates was on the "energy depletion allowance". If you read Russ Baker's new book, Family Secrets, he makes a convincing case that Nixon was taken down largely because of this issue. How else would all the conservative Republicans support the efforts of Democrats to impeach their own.
      Connecting to the previous points on the media, Baker also gives loads of facts around Bob Woodward from the WP and how he gained immediate access to FBI and CIA informants at his young age. Woodward was in intelligence while in the service and moved very quickly into his position at the WP. We all know that the WP had several connections to the CIA and still does. I don't mean just as news gathers but on the payroll either full time or as contractors. The WP is part of their front cover business but also used to influence mass perception and help shape our political actions in DC.
       And we all think we live in a democracy!

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      ... but I can't help believe that, after WaPo dug and others carried, that the real reason was this: nobody on Capitol Hill could figure out how to get the shit back into the horse.

      Or does Russ Baker argue that it was Mark Feldt's primary motivation?

      R.I.P. Ron Asheton

      by wystler on Tue Jan 13, 2009 at 07:18:31 AM PST

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