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  •  Gay Marriage Killed Us (none)
    Though I support gay marriage and think San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom is a civil rights hero of sorts, the gay bashing initiatives got strong support in the midwest and was effectively used to get out social conservatives.

    I don't think Middle America was ready to take on this issue (by at least a decade) and conservatives effectively leveraged it as a wedge issue.

    This is our third rail, we may have overplayed our hand on this issue.

    •  Right on ... (none)
      Gay marriage, and also abortion rights. If we gave up on abortion rights we'd be up 90% to 10% or something ...


      •  choice (none)
        Dems actually lose more by abortion rights than gay marriage. I know plenty of Bush-voting Christians who will tolerate "civil unions" if they don't call it marriage. They don't tolerate abortion --- AND it's their #1 issue.

        Gay marriage is nothing. People can't stand choice. I don't know when we're ever going to be able to stop arguing about this --- I wish someone would invent a way to remove the clump of cells and grow them outside the mother, within a few months after she's impregnated. Maybe then we can talk about things that matter again.

        And, yes, I know your post was snarky, but my pet peeve is that people can't see past the abortion cloud --- which will never be changed by their vote --- and get to what really matters, points of policy that will actually require legislation, not emotional talk.


        "I know there's a saying about not changing horses midstream, but look, this horse has no legs, and it has no friends." -- Vanessa Kerry

        by ally on Tue Nov 02, 2004 at 08:39:24 PM PST

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    •  Yuh think? (none)
      I'm gay, and I thought Massachusetts and SF hurt us this year by trying to push this issue in Bush's first term. However, I'm completely a flip-flopper on this one, because I also don't believe anyone's civil rights should be sacrificed for the sake of an election ("You don't really need to get rid of that poll tax now, do you? can't you wait until we're in office and can really help you out").

      However, since we're discussing an election tonight and not what's actually right and just, yes, we were 5-10 years too early on the gay marriage issue to not expect it to hurt us in a national election. (See Nixon, "southern strategy," and civil rights.)

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