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  •  My Precinct was Awash with the Youth Vote (none)
    I just came back from my precinct where I was a poll watcher (where I just heard Florida went to that Thumbless Wonder), but I will say my typically White, Yuppie Scum Republican Precinct was awash with young voters. I guess they are VOTING REPUBLICAN!!  I saw several with Bush/Cheney garbage on them. It also had a high black turnout for the area.  we had 2112 voters..I don't have the breakdown of course..but from my observation of every ten voters they let in..(and they let them in, in group of 10), 3-4 were young, 2 were black, 1 of various ethnicity and 3 of the usually white voter.  I was very hopeful when I saw it.

    Just Another Fevered Ego...

    by MelvinFrohike on Tue Nov 02, 2004 at 09:04:05 PM PST

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