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View Diary: "Green" for GOP is Just What You'd Expect (4 comments)

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    Making a carbon tax neutral is a very good idea.  We currently have over $11 trillion in debt with another $2 trillion+ stacked on this year.  We also have unfunded long term liabilities over $50 trillion.  WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO MAKE THE GOVERNMENT BIGGER?  It is already ussustainable.

    If we plan to tax carbon, fine.  Take that tax money, but don't change or remove any other tax.  Take the money and start paying off our debt.  After this recession is over, we will still be in for a huge world of hurt from all the deficit spending.

    We will either have to face hyper inflation followed by another depression OR we address the problem like adults and take action now.  New taxes on things like the RICH and on Carbon are ok starting points.  We need to produce a budget that has at least $500 billion to $1 trillion in surplus each and every year to start getting back to square.  Producing a budget like that won't happen by tax increases alone and that is where the pain comes in.

    If we want to save our future, military spending and entitlement spending will easily be cut by at least 50%.  If that doesn't get us the surplus we need, we will have to keep cutting.

    I understand the pain that will cause but it will be better then hyper inflation and a dead country.

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      but I think you're wrong.  Passing on debt is not a bad thing if we also pass along something of value, like a modern infrastructure, that can be used by our progeny.  If we end up taking alot of pain now, but don't have anything to show for it but good credit in 30 years, then we're 30 more years behind building a sustainable energy infrastructure.

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        to get ourselves out of this recession.  The moment it is over is when we need to make massive reduction to the size of government.  You can't pass on debt and increase debt forever afterall.  China is already passing us signals that they are very close to not purchasing anymore of our debt.  Hell, they may even start selling our debt.  These are telling signals that the world is quickly becoming full of our debt.  If we ignore these signs we will be faced with one scary outcome.  We would be forced to turn on the money printing press to pay off our debt.  Of course that would be the end of America as we know it.

        Deficit spending is basically punting a problem we could have had today down the road.  Someday the road ends and we have to address the problem.

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