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  •  Bush brought torture out of shadows (9+ / 0-)

    The Bush brand of torture was U.S. torture oozing out of the shadows.

    Just in case any youngins here think this torture stuff is new to the U.S. -- it isn't. It just is being done in a new way, less hidden and denied. The Usurper's Torture Policy indicates the extent to which Bush/Cheney were so in-our-face arrogant, sick, full-of-themselves, and motivated by asociopathic/psychopathic sense of invulerability.

    Examples of how the U.S. operated out of the shadows are the following: A Western Hemisphere TORTURE SCHOOL (under the watch of Bush I (I think he's in there somewhere) was called the "School of the Americas" which made toture a tool in the intimidation and destabilization of Central America during Iran-Contra in the 1980s. Also during the Vietnam War, the U.S. sponsored and mentored the torture programs in Vietnam, mostly conducted by the South Vietnamese against whomever the U.S. told them it was okay to torture.  And who knows the full extent of CIA torture?

    Investigating and prosecuting the Bush Torture Crimes and Treason is actually OUR BIG CHANCE to cut open the rotting insides of the U.S. intelligence-military and their overt as well as covert torture programs-- and rip this rot out of our nation! It really is a MONUMENTAL OPPORTUNITY now, and if Barack Obama turns his back on this opportunity to clean out this rot, then Obama exposes himself as being COMPLICIT!!!

    P.S. Eschew the argument that "torture doesn't work" which I heard on Rachel Maddow's show today. We must choose NOT to torture because torturing other human beings is INHUMANE, HEINOUS, CRUEL, and UNCIVILIZED. Only MILITARISTS debate the efficacy of torture!


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