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View Diary: Which is more credible: exit polls or Diebold? (54 comments)

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    Voters in Florida and Texas complained about calibration problems with touch-screen machines. Problems occurred when voters touched the screen next to one candidate's name and an "X" appeared in a box next to another candidate's name. The Election Protection Network also received more than 32 reports from various states that spread across all the top e-voting brands made by Diebold Election Systems, Election Systems & Software, Hart InterCivic and Sequoia.

    These problems involved e-voting machines that appeared to record votes correctly when voters touched the screen, but indicated a different selection on the review screen before voters cast their ballot. In some cases voters had to redo their ballot five or six times before the correct votes took.

    You dont even need to prove some malicious intent, if these machines are malfunctioning, then there better be a revote.

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