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View Diary: Economy: Why Do We Have Financial Incentives *Against* Entrepeneurship? (23 comments)

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  •  universal *non-employer* health care (4+ / 0-)

    I agree that this is the solution, but the key point here is not merely that the system be "universal" but that it not rely on employer-sponsored health care.  

    For example, in Massachusetts we have a near-universal system currently, but it only partly solves the problem, because it still relies too much on employer-sponsored coverage for people who can get it.  Under 300% of poverty you don't face a prospect of long-term loss of coverage, so it is certainly a lot better than the rest of the country.  But single-payer would be a much better solution, because then your health care would remain as-is no matter what your state of employment.

    One thing we need to re-design our economy for is fluid "employment" - people constantly flitting from project to project, job to job, with excursions in between.  The easier we make it for people to do that smoothly, the greater an engine for innovation and growth we'll get as a result.  We need to focus on reducing the friction that intimidates, delays, or deters people from new pursuits.

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